CPAP Performance Objective
Communicate effectively through organized, concise, and grammatically correct writing.

Evaluation Criteria
1. Provide evidence of clear, concise and professional writing skills.
2. Demonstate ability to use written language to convey complex ideas.
3. Demonstrate ability to use graphical displays to convey complex ideas and information.

The ability to communicate to a specific audience 

Artifact 1:  CTE Textbook (with Dr. Grant B. Goold)
While participating in the MPA program, I was fortunate to be able to publish my sixth book through Kona Publishing. The book incorporates concepts and ideas from classes taken during the authoring process.  The section covering emotional intelligence and critical thinking (pp. 7-23) is reflective of my participation in PAPA 5315, Behavioral Skills. Similarly, PAPA 6414 Normative Foundations played a role in the authoring of the final section covering ethics (pp. 125-129). The text itself, written specifically at the 10th-grade level, is an exercise in communicating a large quantity of information in a clear and concise manner.  The text was co-authored by Grant B. Goold, Ed.D., of American River College in Sacramento, California.

Artifact 2:  Health & Safety Policy Recommendation
As part of PAPA 6224 Policy Process, I elected to review Virginia Tech's Health & Safety Policy (University Policy 1005).  The memo represents a concise format known as PEST (Problem, Evaluation, Solutions, Threats) designed to communicate a recommendation. The process itself required an analysis and understanding of the policy problem, development of alternative solutions, a full analysis of the alternatives including a cost-benefit analysis, and finally communicating a recommendation. The memo, which was shared internally with my department, recommends that the current policy the mechanisms through which the policy is executed remain unchanged.

Artifact 3:  Appropriate Behavior during the National Anthem
As part of PAPA 6514, a team project was completed by myself, Jeff Zumwalt and Will Gipe.  This project consisted of capturing data on two distinct fronts:  how the Virginia Tech Men's Basketball Team members compared to the behavioral standard set by their coach, and how a specific video clip about that behavioral standard was reported in the media.  As part of that project, I prepared a number of graphics to display findings. These graphics on Slides 10, 11, 15 and 16 provide a visual interpretation of our analysis of over 500 photographs and over 20 news articles.  The complete Tableau graph package showing sentiment and analysis is available by opening the accordion below.

Artifact 4:  Examining Readability in Regulatory Comments (with Dr. Sara Jordan)
After completion PAPA 6514, I had the opportunity to continue working with Dr. Jordan on a number of academic papers. In our original discussions focusing on conspiracy theory presence in public comments made to Regulations.Gov, I questioned the wide discrepancies in readability both of the docket item and submitted comments.  The discussions with Dr. Jordan resulted in the genesis of an academic paper, currently submitted to Policy and Internet for publication consideration. This artifact represents both my growth as an author into the realm of academic writing, a completely new venture for me.  Developing the paper required creation of graphics to show the wide disparity between the proposed regulation and the comments, which is a direct representation of the third criterium. In addition to the full document, there is also a direct link to the tables and graphs within the paper.