CPAP Performance Objective
Understanding the nature and functions of management and leadership in policy formulation, development and implementation.

Evaluation Criteria
1.  Exhibit leadership.
2.  Contribute to meeting team objectives.
3.  Present recommendations that are realistic, achievable, and can be evaluated.
4.  Demonstrate a sensitive awareness of professional norms.

Leadership means being unafraid to do something unexpected.  Leadership means taking a hand and teaching others with kindness.  Leadership means building up others, and your relationships with them.

Artifact 14:  Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Commission, Radio Working Group Documents
In December 2016, I was appointed to a Radio Working Group by the Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Commission. The group was charged with looking at options to improve public safety radio communications for three member agencies.  The Radio Working Group consisted of three additional representatives from local public safety agencies, plus officers from Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Virginia Tech Police Department, and Christiansburg Police Department. Over the course of three months, I assumed a leadership role and led the RWG through an evaluation of the current problem, identified potential solutions, built a consensus among the impacted agencies, and proposal of a solution. The proposed solution was unanimously endorsed by the Fire & Rescue Commission on March 15, 2018.  On March 19, 2018 the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved funding in the amount of $350,000 to implement the proposed solution.  

During the March 19, 2018 Montgomery County Board of Supervisors meeting, I was asked by Chair Chris Tuck to address questions raised during their discussions of the funding request. This was an impromptu request that required me to represent the entirety of Montgomery County's Fire and EMS system.

Artifact 15:  Big Falls Road Response & Evacuation Plan
During PAPA 6214, Dr. Raymond Zuniga asked us to identify a policy topic for use throughout the course.  At the time, my children had just been evacuated from the Florida Keys due to Hurricane Irma.  The evacuation process was messy, with my former spouse initially refuting the mandatory evacuation order.  The concept of mandatory evacuation became my research area for the course.  During the course, I found out that Montgomery County did not have policy guidelines for evacuation as part of its emergency management program.  I approached Neal Turner, Montgomery County Director of Emergency Services and was given permission to bring the issue before the Fire & Rescue Commission.  I was allowed to take the lead on development of the County's policy; the revision process is ongoing.  The current iteration of that draft, along with the relevant course memos, are provided. This issue can be highly emotional; as such it was handled delicately even in discussions with the citizens that are potentially impacted.  

Artifact 16:  Retirement Research Paper
During the portfolio development process, one reviewer asked why I selected this particular paper for inclusion in the leadership section. After a moment, I asked my much-younger peer whether he had begun planning for his retirement from public service.  He laughed and said "no, I'm still thinking about my first real job."  I told him that was exactly the reason I selected this topic for Dr. Birdsall's personnel course; in addition to the paper we were required to develop a non-PowerPoint presentation and deliver it to the class.  As the paper points out, the public sector retirement system is facing challenging times. Given the youth of the members of the class, I felt like it was an opportunity to exhibit leadership within the cohort.  I used loose change to show how state governments typically fund defined benefit and defined contribution plans, in hopes of spurring some of my classmates to take ownership of their long-term financial well-being.