MPA Portfolio

Each student seeking his or her Master’s Degree in Public Administration is required to prepare and defend a portfolio of work supporting achievement of certain core competencies. This work must tie together work from each of the nine core courses that make up Virginia Tech’s MPA Program. I have created pages for each core objective, and included some basic information on each artifact I’ve included. Realizing that even with that structure, navigating the web of documents and concepts learned can be confusing. Please feel free to print and review my individual narrative; consider it a tool to help you find your way through my portfolio.

Narrative Narrative (PDF)

Core Objective Pages

Communication Presentation Research Theory Leadership Normative

This table provides a cross-reference between the individual courses and the elements of that course included in the portfolio. Please view the pages for each objective.

Core Courses Elective Courses
PAPA 5014 Public Administration Concepts (Artifact 11) PAPA 5254 The Terrorist Threat
PAPA 5315 Behavioral Skills (Artifact 6) PAPA 6264 Advanced Topics in Homeland Security (Link 1Link 2)
PAPA 5316 System Skills (Artifact 12) PAPA 6344 Leadership & Management
PAPA 6214 Policy Design (Artifact 15)
PAPA 6224 Policy Process (Artifact 2)
PAPA 6314 Budget Policy & Process (Artifact 5)
PAPA 6324 Personnel Policy & Process ( Artifact 16 )
PAPA 6414 Normative Foundations (Artifact 7)
PAPA 6514 Inquiry (Artifact 3Artifact 8Artifact 9Artifact 10)