CPAP Performance Objective
Communicate effectively through a structured, appropriate, and well-timed presentation.

Evaluation Criteria
1.  Present research or analysis to a general audience clearly and concisely.
2.  Actively engage in a serious, sustained, and productive exchange of views about a topic.

Presenting is about more than Powerpoint. Presenting is about engaging others to generate discussion and motivate to action. The old adage see, do, teach applies even in Public Administration.

Artifact 6:  Communications Presentation
For PAPA 5315, we were asked to present on one of the core topics covered during the class.  For my presentation, I selected communications skills. The presentation itself consists of two elements. The first is a review of communication as it relates to public administration.  The review covers formal versus informal communication types, components of communication, understanding your audience, and how to adapt. I followed the review with a case study of an event that occurred in San Francisco. One SFPD officer was killed and another critically injured in a  Following a quick walk-through of the story, I placed other members of the class in specific roles (police chief, concerned citizen, defense attorney, business owner) in which they had to speak to a member of the media or otherwise communicate about the incident. We then discussed how they crafted their message(s). 

Artifact 7:  An Ethical Journey through the Virginia EMS Symposium
Developing and delivering a presentation to summarize the course's impact was a closing element of PAPA 6414. I had recently attended the EMS Symposium, an annual educational meeting of over 1,200 Virginia emergency medical services providers. The impact of the course on my experience there was profound.  The majority of my career as a paramedic, ethics was primarily taught and discussed in terms of situational ethics. This presentation is shown here in both its original and current forms. Since completing Normative Foundations, I have been asked to present this topic on four different occassions including a recent national EMS conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The presentation has served as a catalyst for difficult conversations.

Links 1 & 2:  Online Presentations for Dr. Jeffrey Glick
In addition to the core MPA courses, I chose two electives taught by Dr. Glick out of the National Capital Region campus. These electives were important to broadening my views related to emergency management. The majority of my professional career has been at the local or state level; in Dr. Glick's classes the cohort typically consists of federal employees.  The remote nature of the program, and the generally small class size in Blacksburg created a challenge in delivering content back to NCR effectively.  I chose to use my technical skills and created interactive presentations for PAPA 6264, Response and PAPA 5254, Terroristic Threat. These were created using Adobe Captivate and stored on a Virginia Tech server, accessible by anyone with the proper link.