Student Toolkit for Career Technical Education, EMS Edition
With Grant B. Goold

The Student Toolkit for Career Technical Education is a toolkit written for current and future CTE students.  This text was designed to help every CTE student maximize preparation and active participation in his or her chosen CTE program. Decades of proven learning strageties are embedded inthis powerful toolkit. Tactics on how to improve mental toughness, positive thinking, and cohort cohesion are on the top shelf of the toolbox.  STK for CTE is a book you can use before, during and after a CTE program.  It is a constant resource as you move through your career pathway, maximizing performance and helping secure a successful career.

MedEMT:  A Learning System for Prehospital Care
With Grant B. Goold and Mark Wills

Developed to address the Department of Transportation's National Standard Curriculum for training EMT-Basics, this unique text can be used on its own or in conjunction with the MedEMT:Emergency Medical Training CD-ROM. This full-color, user-friendly text describes all required skills and procedures, including numerous illustrations, study aids, and features highlighting important information. Ideal for students involved in ambulance services, fire and police departments, rescue squads, and corporate safety and military personnel, this engaging text ensures the mastery of the skills and concepts crucial to professional EMTs.

Training You:  Managing the Corporate Training Function

Training You: Managing the Corporate Training Function is an essential guide for both new and experienced training managers. Structured around five critical areas a corporate training department must get right, Training You gives practical advice and steps to dramatically increasing training effectiveness and return on investment. 

The content focuses on five areas:  getting the right students into the right training,  developing or selecting the right curricula, utilizing the right technology effectively, setting the right learning environment, and getting the right instructors involved.  A full appendix covers one of the training manager's biggest assets (or biggest headaches) - the Learning Management System (LMS). The Appendix is an expansion of Training You's overview of technology in training. A thorough, unbiased review covers everything from determining the need for an LMS, selecting the right system, managing the relationship with a vendor, and how to get a strong return on your LMS investment.

An Introduction to Rhomobile: Mobile Application Development for Enterprise Data
With Matt Travis

An Introduction to RhoMobile provides an introduction to Motorola Solutions' RhoMobile application development platform. For IT professionals tasked with integrating enterprise systems with mobile devices, RhoMobile is an excellent solution. An Introduction to RhoMobile contains an overview of the platform and its components; four modules with multiple application development tasks and sample code; and developer tips based on Oak Tree Systems' real-world development of applications to accompany TrainingForce.  A robust Getting Started section discusses the elements of the RhoMobile platform, and introduces basic concepts associated with creating a Model-View-Controller mobile application.

The book concludes with a section on common issues and work-arounds, while appendices contain detailed information on the installation of RhoMobile on both a developer workstation and a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.  A number of files to support the reader's practice are available for download via a Dropbox site. No user registration or information is required. A modified version of Microsoft's AdventureWorks sample database is used in conjunction with a public web service to provide data for student exercises.